The new crowd of FFP-2 and KF94 masks are awesome, I am wearing one from . The pressure drop is amazing, you can breath and talk comfortably through these new masks.

It’s about time that USA just adopts the EU standard FFP2 as the public standard every “normal” person in the US should be being using. No one likes to wear a mask that muffle your voice and are hard to breath through — and these new masks fix that and I think look pretty cool.

Pollen season is full blown in California, I can see a layer on my car windows, and my new mask basically removes all pollen I can breathe so wearing a mask isn’t all about covid. Also CA fire season should be starting soon, so important to get a protective mask so I am not breathing in the pm2.5 particles when the AQI goes above 50.

The masks breath so well that you can even have a bit of a beard and all the air doesn’t go through the sides. It’s also nice not having your glasses fog. Even with the vaccine, I think its smart for us over 60 crowd to wear masks while shopping because all of the wierd covid variants in CA.

I’ve given up expecting rational information from the CDC, the current administration isn’t anti mask so not sure what is up with WHO and the CDC. At this point I think we just need to make FFP2 the defacto standard by buying the masks, and wearing them makes a science statement as well as a fashion statement ;)

Painter, musician, cinematographer,applied mathematician, programmer,investor.

Painter, musician, cinematographer,applied mathematician, programmer,investor.