“Don’t inhale your food” — sayings to live by

When I was a kid when I inhaled while eating or drinking I was scolded “Don’t inhale your food”. I guess I got sensitive to that since it’s one of my pet peeves if I hear someone inhaling through the mouth with food/drink in it. As I’m older now, it drives me crazy if someone is breathing through their mouth while eating and drinking.

I was pondering yesterday how I even get irritated by it, since I try to avoid looking at peoples faces that are eating, and realized it’s the sounds people make while doing this. Anyway I try to justify all my little idiosyncrasies by looking up stats/facts to justify my position — so I found out Sophocles died choking while drinking and choking while eating deaths are common.

Now some people I am sure are thinking they don’t inhale while eating, but perhaps they can do this little test: next time you drink something see if you can only exhale while your sipping. What I do is I always inhale before I drink something, drink, them exhale. I also only breath through my nose while I’m chewing swallowing. In this covid world I try to never breath through my mouth, even while eating.

Am I insane, hopefully you can see the random cat walking by in the picture above. Kind of a tangent but I bet this cat has a bunch of behaviors it sees humans do that it finds annoying?

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