I opened my window, so outside is inside.

One of my recent “things” is wearing masks in extremely low humidity environments. Using the high end FFP2 masks it’s extremely comfortable to breath yet I bet it increases humidity to about 60%. This is also nice for office environments where some protection is a nice to have but you also have the mask on for long periods.

The new crowd of FFP-2 and KF94 masks are awesome, I am wearing one from http://www.masklab.us . The pressure drop is amazing, you can breath and talk comfortably through these new masks.

It’s about time that USA just adopts the EU standard FFP2 as the public standard every “normal” person in the US should be being using. No one likes to wear a mask that muffle your voice and are hard to breath through — and these new masks fix that and I think look pretty cool.

Pollen season is full blown in California, I can see a layer on…

I find the entire western viewpoint & discussion of women is warped by the Latin based languages - it’s just bizarre that the American women’s movement is focused on removal of female systems/values. Well written article, thanks.

Confirmation bias is a BIG problem, the extremely high minority prison rates are probably due to this. It’s also a huge problem in all college admissions testing. It’s great your talking about it.

Here’s the exact quote, March 10 2021:

Non-medical, fabric masks can be used by the general public under the age of 60 and who do not have underlying health conditions.”

I have a gob of n95 masks in my hand, finally even California in March 2021 started recommending protective masking and focused on n95. Almost all of Asia pushes protective masks like the kn95 or kf94. Theres actually a glut of protective masks now. But the who site doesn’t even mention either the kf94 or kn95 masks in any of the top level pages, though does spend a lot of effort on surgical and cloth masks.

This level of incompetence needs to be called out, how many deaths has it produced?

As an example N95/kn95/kf94 masks should simple be handed out to anyone that wants one in Los Angeles. Also every business in LA needs to have windows and doors open - ie well ventilated. Basic stuff that doesn't cost much.

I got this super lazy exercise where I put a giant down comforter on but have my feet peeking out the bottom. I get real hot and use my feat as a radiator. This works real well on a cold day. I actually think this does something, it’s also a good way to watch anime.

The new guidelines are great but kind of buried, link at cdc is here ... https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/mask-fit-and-filtration.html

Note also on kf94/n95/kn95 masks : “Do not combine a KN95 mask with any other masks. You should only use one KN95 mask at a time, and you should not use any type of second mask on top of or underneath a KN95 mask.”

We still have major covid issues and when I read the WHO site, the federal sites, and my California covid site they are massively confusing when referencing protective masks. Most of the “.gov” sites are clear how important n95 masks are to health workers, how we don’t still have enough, so shouldn’t wear them. Ok, it’s kind of crazy after a year that we still have a supply problem and I think CA has done a good job on the supply chain … so I get that.

But if you look at the countries that have 50x less deaths, they…

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